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Keeping Score

112644-glowing-purple-neon-icon-alphanumeric-letter-ooccasionally, something pops up on Facebook that is worth passing on …

  • Remember when the President said he wasn’t going to take a salary?
    🔴He just accepted his second paycheck.
  • Remember when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall?
    🔴He has asked Congress to appropriate the $25 billion of taxpayer money to cover costs.
  • Remember when he said he wasn’t going to go on vacation or play golf?
    🔴5 of the last 7 weekends he went on vacation and played golf, costing taxpayers $11.1 million.
  • Remember when he said he was going to use American steel to build these dangerous pipelines?
    🔴Russian steel arrived last week for the Keystone Pipeline XL.
  • Remember when he said he wasn’t going to cut social security and Medicare?
    🔴The Republican bill does just this.
  • Remember when he said that nobody on his campaign had any communications with the Russian government?
  • 🔴7 of his people have now admitted they spoke and/or met with Russian officials, after they lied and got caught.
  • Remember when he said he was going to divest from his businesses?
    🔴Changed his mind.
  • Remember when he said he was going to release his tax returns?
    🔴Changed his mind. (May I add…unless you want to count the 2 pages of his 2005 tax return)
  • Remember when he said he was going to drain the swamp of Washington insiders?
    🔴His cabinet is filled with lobbyists, oil and Wall Street executives.
  • Remember when he said would defeat ISIS in 30 days?
    🔴He doesn’t have any plan.
  • Remember when he said that the Obamacare replacement would cover more people at lower cost?
    🔴The AHCA that the GOP and 45 are now pushing; they now admit will cover fewer people at a higher cost.

NOTE: If YOU voted for him, please hold him accountable to what he promised YOU – for all of OUR sakes.
Feel free to copy and paste, as I have.



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