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What do I intend to do here?

I hope to do better here than I have with my Tumblr account. This WordPress account will be for serious endeavors, such as Black Lives Matter and the insanity of the prison industrial complex. The Tumbler account (same name) will be for the novel that never gets written, poetry (unless it is related to a serious topic) and favorite videos.



I'm no longer sure where to begin. I have started to reject the typical DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) description of self, based on my career or vocation. I no longer have a conventional career, so that's out. I haven't retired, I'm now in a constant state of flux. I am a child of the Most High God, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a confidant, a consultant, an Uber/Lyft driver, a change agent, a constant student, a writer, an artist, and a needy person. I am learning to like being needy. That is how we reach out to the world. I will write about a number of serious matters here. I will write about foolishness here. I will hold my short stories and poetry for my Tumblr account (same title - braindumpsincolor). I will hope to be engaging and helpful, amusing and uplifting, sobering and provoking.