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Quick Book Review: The Shack

>he Shack The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity“"The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity” by Wm. Paul Young
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Anytime a book makes me cry, not because it was so sad, but because it smacked me right between the eyes, it’s a great book! The Pharisees in religious institutions will complain about the depiction of God in the book, about the relaxed dialogue, or the lack of “fall on your face and worship” scenes. I found that to be refreshing, and the amount of reverence for the Godhead to be appropriate.

This is a refreshing look at one person’s imagined direct relationship with God. It is a powerful attempt, if occasionally choppy. The book walks the reader through many of the issues that people have with God as He is presented by the church, yet holds the church in high esteem. The focus is on relationship. Using a man for this encounter was a great tool. We rarely think of an intimate relationship with a God in this day and age as something that a man tries to gain. It made the story more interesting and, honestly, more powerful.

Relax, folks. William Paul Young is not Faulkner, or Hemingway, but he has put together a powerful book that edged me closer to God. That is a wonder!

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